Airshare Ltd and a quick sunset flight to CYPK and Downtown Vancouver

I recently bought a share of an airplane share corporation, where 38 shareholders get the use of 3 airplanes at a very competitive wet rate. After completing my initial checkride yesterday, I wanted to make good use of one of the last remaining sunny and cloudless days of the season so I took the Cherokee 140 out for some circuits to practice landings with the &“Hershey Bar” wing (named so due to the rectangular profile as viewed from above). The wing definitely provides less lift in ground effect than the tapered wings I was used to on the later generation Warriors, and my touch-and-go with 0 degrees flaps gave my passengers and I a bit of a kick to the spine. Nonetheless, it was a nice flight and the landings with 25 or 40 degrees of flaps went pretty well. After some circuits at YPK we headed over to downtown to do some orbits at 2500' before heading back to ZBB via Burnaby. I shot a quick (and shaky) video around downtown to capture some of the evening sunset we were lucky enough to enjoy.