Flight to Campbell River (CYBL)

This past Sunday I managed to take a windy, mid-November flight to Campbell River. For most of the first leg up the Sunshine coast we faced 25-30 knot headwinds from around 330°M but did manage to enjoy the same winds on the return leg. I took a bunch of photos on both legs, mostly of the cool cloud formations brought out by the two weather systems meeting in the area.

2015-11-15 11.34.24

Over Vancouver Harbour, facing south

2015-11-15 11.34.30

Over Vancouver Harbour, facing west

2015-11-15 12.05.37

That headwind! Doing 105 knots indicated

2015-11-15 12.09.34

2015-11-15 12.14.25

2015-11-15 12.14.31

2015-11-15 12.14.49

2015-11-15 12.20.02

I think my phone might have added some HDR here, but looks cool nonetheless

2015-11-15 12.21.06

Powell River Harbour

2015-11-15 12.21.11

A boat leaving the Powell River Harbour

2015-11-15 12.21.18

2015-11-15 12.38.25

2015-11-15 12.50.05

Campbell River Airport

2015-11-15 12.50.08

The tower at Campbell River. Note there isn’t an ATC unit here, just Campbell River Radio.

2015-11-15 12.50.11

2015-11-15 12.50.14

The terminal

2015-11-15 13.03.39

The Cherokee taking a short break before departing back to Boundary Bay

2015-11-15 13.21.44

Departed CYBL, back enroute to Boundary Bay

2015-11-15 13.22.02

2015-11-15 13.31.43

We met the strong winds again, but this time in our favour!

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